Hidden elegance

Liftup has come up with a new, ground-breaking lift for wheelchair users – the HDN. This lift combines elegant design with robust construction, which can be adapted to the surroundings around it.

The HDN represents clever and modern thinking within the industry, combining in one stroke design, function and elegance. This makes this lift especially attractive to shops and companies, who would like to combine their consideration of wheelchair users with their individual layout and style.

Simple design

The room needs not be adapted to the lift but the other way around. The HDN can be easily and elegantly integrated into any style as it is discreetly built into, and camouflaged according to, its surroundings. When not in use the lift is hidden in the floor and has a surface adapted to the rest of the floor in and around the entrance. This makes things easier for both wheelchair
users and staff, among other things because operation is so easy and intuitive.

A safe solution

The design may be simple but it conceals a robust system with a high lifting capacity. Choose between two versions for 300 and 400 kg respectively. At the same time, safety is a cornerstone of this lift. The user is thus protected from any squeezing risk. The HDN features a registered lifting principle which ensures the wheelchair remains level and stable. A safety skirt is fitted around the lift which prevents a wheelchair from rolling off while the lift is in operation.


The lift can be used both indoors and outdoors at places with small level differences. Examples of use are store entrances
and hotel lobbies. The HDN is versatile and flexible in relation to space and its function within a given area. It can be installed on many different floors and in many different entrances, and covered with carpet, vinyl, mats or wood. The lift can also be installed on harder surfaces such as granite, marble, asphalt, paving stone, flagstone and floor plates.



  • Completely hidden in a small pit
  • Suitable for all types of public buildings as well as private houses
  • Side entry/exit option
  • Can be concealed with matching flooring
  • Very easy to install
  • Can have upper and lower level gates if required
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use



Platform sizes:

1400 x 900mm:
1400 x 1000mm:
1400 x 1100mm

Side entry/Exit option

Travel up to 500mm

Speed 25mm.sec

Capacity to 400kg


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